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    How to Connect Air Switch
    Publisher: Xinle  date:2019-5-23   Read:370second
    Air switch is an indispensable switch for the safety of household electricity. When the safety switch is installed incorrectly, or the air switch you purchased is not suitable for your home voltage, or the line connection is wrong, it may lead to the short circuit of the line and cause fire and other safety accidents. Therefore, it is very important for family safety to know the installation of air switch, the connection method of air switch and the choice of air switch model. Next, Xiaobian will talk about it.

    First, let''s talk about the installation of the air switch.

    At present, household electricity should be distributed separately according to open circuit, power outlet circuit, air conditioning circuit. When one of the circuits (such as socket circuit) fails, other circuits can still supply electricity normally. The socket circuit needs to be equipped with leakage protection device to prevent electrical leakage of household appliances from causing personal electric shock accidents.

    Install air switch:

    1. The main switch of household distribution box can generally choose bipolar 32-63A miniature air switch or isolation switch.

    2. Lighting circuit generally uses 10-16A miniature air switch.

    3. The air switch of 16-20A is generally selected in the socket circuit.

    4. Air-conditioning circuit generally chooses 16-25A air switch.

    5. Using bipolar or 1P+N (phase line+neutral line) air switch, when the line has short circuit or leakage fault, the phase line and neutral line of the power supply should be cut off immediately to ensure personal safety and the safety of electrical equipment. The above air switch installation is for reference only. The actual power of electrical appliances used in each household is different. Specifically, the electrical design should be taken as the criterion.

    When your air switch is a three-phase switch, you need to find out whether the three-phase circuit is connected to the line. If two phases are determined, zero wiring, ground wiring and shell wiring should be used. Usually each air conditioner is separated into one way, kitchen and sanitary outlets are separated into one way, the rest of the outlets can be divided into one or two ways according to the situation, all the lighting can also be divided into one or two ways. It is expected that 20 ampere air switch can be used in the socket circuit of high-power electrical appliances, otherwise 16 ampere air switch will be enough.

    Type selection of air switch:

    1. DZ5 series plastic shell air switch is suitable for AC 50HZ, 380V, rated current from 0.15A to 50A.

    2. DZ10 series plastic shell air switch is suitable for distribution lines with AC 50HZ, 380V or DC 220V or below, which is used to distribute electric energy, protect lines and overload, undervoltage and short circuit of power supply equipment, as well as to disconnect and connect lines infrequently under normal operation.

    3. DZ12 series plastic shell air switch is compact in size, novel in structure and reliable in performance. Mainly installed in lighting distribution boxes, for the exchange of 50HZ single-phase 230V in hotels, apartments, high-rise buildings, squares, airports, railway stations and industrial and commercial enterprises.

    4. DZ15 series plastic shell air switch is suitable for on-off operation in AC 50HZ, rated voltage 380V and rated current 63A circuits.

    5. DZ20 series plastic enclosure air switch is suitable for AC 50HZ, rated insulation voltage 660V, rated voltage 380V and below, its rated current is 1250A.

    6. The four-stage air switch is mainly used in AC 50HZ, rated voltage 400V and below, rated current 100 to 630A three-phase five-wire system. It can ensure the complete disconnection of users and power supply and ensure safety, thus solving the drawback that any other air switch can not overcome the neutral polar current is not zero.

    7. DZ47 series miniature air switch is mainly used for overload and short circuit protection of electrical lines and equipment in modern buildings, as long as it is suitable for AC 50HZ/60HZ, rated working voltage 240V/415V and below, rated current 60A.

    8. SCML series air switch is suitable for the occasional starting of the motor in the circuit of AC 50HZ, 60HZ, 500V and below.

    9. DW10 series universal air switch is suitable for AC 50HZ, rated voltage to 440V electrical lines, and has been used for load, short circuit, voltage loss protection and infrequent conversion under normal conditions.

    10. DW15 series universal air switch is suitable for distribution network with AC 50HZ, rated voltage to 440V and rated working voltage to 1140V and 80V. It is used to distribute electric energy and overload, undervoltage and short circuit protection of power supply lines and equipment.

    11. H series plastic shell air switch is suitable for rated current of 600A or less, AC 50HZ, rated working voltage of 690V or less, DC 230V or less as electrophoresis accompaniment, fixed current of 225A or less air switch, can be used for line and non-frequent conversion and motor start-up

    12. AC30 series analog sockets are the auxiliary electrical components of modular terminal combined electrical equipment installed in users. They can also be installed in other sets of electrical boxes to plug in the electrical equipment

    Connection method of air switch:
    Next, an example is given to illustrate the connection method of the air switch. If there are three wires from the large ammeter to the home, the red and blue flowers are three colors, you can use an air switch with leakage protection as the main control switch (A0), and there are three ordinary air switches to control the lights (A1), air conditioning (A2), socket (A3). Looking from the front, there are two connection piles above A0, one N symbol carved on the right, two N symbols carved on the bottom and one N symbol carved on the right. A1, A2 and A3 are the same, and one connection pile is carved on the top and the other on the bottom.

    How to connect these air switches to form a safe circuit?
    The wiring method is as follows:
    The three wires coming in from outside are in this area.