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    The 4th "EPLAN Cup Electrical Engineering Design Competition" was officially launched
    Publisher: Xinle  date:2019-5-23   Read:373second
    The fourth EPLAN Cup Electrical Engineering Design Competition, sponsored by EPLAN China and co-sponsored by China Industrial Control Network, officially opened this week.

    EPLAN Cup Electrical Engineering Design Competition has been successfully held for three times since its inception, and has been favored by engineers. In addition to the old star products EPLAN Electric P8 and ProPanel, EPLAN added the professional drawing options and macro project requirements of EPLAN Fluid and EPLAN Preplanning for the first time. For this purpose, a special teaching operation video was elaborated to provide participants with learning, and 7-10 online and offline training sessions were prepared to provide EPLAN users and enthusiasts with an in-depth understanding. Opportunities for learning and communication. It is worth mentioning that the theme page of EPLAN Cogineer set up in the competition will show the participants the design artifact of EPLAN Cogineer, which will lead the participants to appreciate a new design concept and method, and create a new era of Engineering design.

    EPLAN Cogineer, an innovative product for automatic generation of schematic drawings, was officially released in early May this year. The software can automatically generate electrical schematic drawings with satisfactory results in a few clicks. EPLAN Cogineer is now fully integrated into the EPLAN platform, which can achieve ease of use and maximum simplicity. Professional knowledge of configuration or data management is no longer a necessity, just the basic knowledge of how to use macros.

    EPLAN, adhering to the concept of efficient design, provides intelligent solutions and professional services for electrical, fluid, process engineering, 3D cabinet simulation design, wiring harness design software and project management.