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    EPLAN The latest version of harness design software EPLAN Harness proD 2.5
    Publisher: Xinle  date:2019-5-23   Read:370second
    EPLAN Harness proD version 2.5 will be on the market from October. Its development focus is to optimize the user''s workflow, the main new highlight is the combination of three-dimensional wiring harness engineering system and central component management of Eplan platform. This is a major milestone in data integration management. In this way, users can enter the whole project through the central component management system, which greatly reduces the maintenance of the main database, and realizes the continuous workflow from schematic diagram to document creation. In addition, the workflow of master data has been further optimized, because the existing three-dimensional data can deduce the two-dimensional template drawings needed for fingerboard drawings. This greatly improves efficiency, because the three-dimensional component data is already needed. Therefore, existing data can be reused without the need to manually create component template drawings.

    Simplifying component location in three-dimensional

    EPLAN Harness proD aims to provide a user-friendly three-dimensional system for harness design. Electrical engineers usually have limited experience in operating complex MCAD systems, so they can benefit from this user-friendly system. For example, when locating components such as connectors in three-dimensional space, reference points, edges and regions can be selected, which simplifies the positioning process. Its preview function can also help users locate correctly when they first use it and avoid subsequent adjustments. Users have better import function when using AutoCAD drawings. They can edit imported DWG and DXF drawings and extract all relevant content through version 2.5. This greatly speeds up the process of component creation.

    Wiring is faster

    EPLAN Harness proD version 2.5 includes a variety of new functions, such as fixing the position of three-dimensional objects, selecting the starting position of new wiring harness among existing wiring harnesses, and automatically routing according to the path. Connector fingerboard can display the color of wire, which brings more convenience to create. Users can also use drawings to determine the correct location of cable in the connector. This avoids searching the cable list to obtain the required information, thus speeding up the creation process.

    Fingeprint design is more flexible
    Version software also has many new functions in fingerboard design to stimulate users''interest. EPLAN Harness proD 2.5 separates the "data layer" from the "display layer". This may sound professional, but it provides great flexibility for user''s fingerboard design. For example, users can view display configurations in different ways without changing data according to the company''s internal drawing standards. This provides greater flexibility. The project management part of EPLAN Harness proD harness product also adds batch processing update function, which can check whether the assignment or chart needs to be updated first, and then batch processing, which further improves the efficiency of project management. In addition, the new version further enhances the functions of automatically updating component library or supporting new CAD format, improves the efficiency of wiring harness project and speeds up the work flow of customers.