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    EPLAN Platform 2.3: Pre-planning Function Initial
    Publisher: Xinle  date:2019-5-23   Read:449second
    Pre-planning design and detailed engineering design belong to different stages of project design. In the past, these two parts of work were usually done by different software. Now, EPLAN software platform is urgent for customers. These two tasks can be completed in the same software. Pre-planning function first appeared in EPLAN Platform 2.3, this innovative function will improve the quality of the project, ensure data consistency, and reduce the cost of the project!

    Pre-planning is a very important part of Engineering design. It is the basis of the whole development of machinery and equipment, such as development concept decision-making, clear technical indicators, pre-evaluation of project data, etc. The newly released version 2.3 of EPLAN Platform has launched innovative pre-planning functions at this important stage of the project. Whether it''s a graphical overview, placeholder attributes of functions, project data related to the input and output points of the driver sensor and the PLC, or a detailed list of materials for cost accounting, EPLAN is now able to cope with these complex pre-planning tasks. Subsequent detailed engineering design, cabinet design can directly use these pre-planning data, without re-creating or importing from other systems! Using this new working mode in EPLAN platform, users will benefit greatly, data consistency and project quality will be guaranteed, and project development costs will be further reduced!

    Equipment structure and data are clear at a glance

    The new pre-planning navigator in EPLAN platform is used to centrally display and manage the structure of the pre-planning machine and equipment of the project. With the pre-planning function, project planning can be done faster and more conveniently. You can insert the pre-planning macro directly, or copy or move the existing structure through drag-and-drop operation. In addition, the use of graphics-oriented approach to pre-planning is also entirely possible, you can switch the way you work at any time. The data defined in the pre-planning stage can also be output in the form of report forms, such as the output of material list for cost accounting. The whole design process is smooth, because the data in the pre-planning navigator can be used for detailed engineering design through simple drag-and-drop operation. EPLAN is not satisfied with this, it also provides more flexible functions, such as the data in EXCEL can be directly imported into EPLAN, which means that data in other planning systems can also be directly applied. When importing these data, the structure of machine equipment can also be automatically generated.

    Current Background

    The engineering process of machine and equipment design usually includes several independent stages, such as rough conception and creativity of the project, continuous refinement and improvement of creativity until all technical indicators are determined, and all kinds of documents and information required for machine production and manufacturing are fully in place, etc. Pre-planning and initial planning are very early stages of project design. They mainly complete the determination of initial technical indicators and rough evaluation of project data. They mainly provide technical parameters and development guidance for subsequent detailed engineering design. In the past, the pre-planning design often relied on different software, such as graphical design tools, text processing software for recording technical parameters, tables or database software for recording data. There was no interface between them for data exchange, and data consistency was difficult to ensure. These software often lack the function of Engineering design. In the later design process, it often needs to do a lot of repetitive work, and the quality of the project is not guaranteed.