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    In larger cities, congestion and increased demand for public transport have led to the expansion of the railway system - and will continue for many years to come. However, railroad manufacturers and operators face many new challenges. The growing international market requires innovative solutions to achieve fast, safe and reliable train systems. In addition, extremely flexible cost pressures, high-level operational readiness, and few maintenance downtime. At the same time, the complexity of electronic components is increasing exponentially, as well as the requirements of local laws in different countries. One possible solution for rail vehicle manufacturers is to shorten development time. In this way, the process chain can be optimized, and time and money can be saved on the engineering process. This allows operators to benefit from integrated, interdisciplinary documentation - minimizing maintenance and implementation time. Standardization benefits everyone - facilitates simplified collaboration, improves quality and pays the least. Your worldwide partner: EPLAN Software & Services EPLAN Software & Service Solutions will strive to improve your competitive position as a rail system vehicle operator and manufacturer. Our slogan is "EPLAN - Efficient Engineering", which is our long-standing concept. We strive to meet your internal requirements while optimizing your cooperation with international partners and suppliers. You can rely on our interdisciplinary engineering systems with years of operational experience - including standardization and automation The advantages of EPLAN are clear at a glance: Interdisciplinary engineering minimizes development time EPLAN provides a continuous process from planning to production, which reduces investment time and costs. Standardization and automation simplify collaboration and improve quality Systematic support for international and national regulations to ensure conformity with standards of production Up-to-date and complete documentation to facilitate fast and cost-effective maintenance and minimize downtime