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    In today's world, limited availability of natural resources has forced us to manage our water and wastewater more sustainably. This problem has caused a lot of technical and economic problems in the water management industry. New strategic and technological innovations in the water and wastewater treatment industry are necessary to ensure sustained supply. High-tech solutions have become almost inevitable and present an additional challenge to the companies involved - with increasing cost pressures. Modernization and updating of existing infrastructure have led to changes in electrical to hydrodynamic engineering and increased automation of systems. To keep the system down to a minimum, control monitoring becomes more automated - frequent and remote, so that distributed locations can also be controlled. The decisive factor of strengthening market position is more effective project. For the whole process of timely and easy introduction of new technology, highly standardized operation without downtime and effective coordination. You can put your trust in EPLAN software and services EPLAN software and service providers try and test industrial solutions for water and wastewater treatment. The EPLAN platform connects hydrodynamic and electrical design with process, instrumentation and control engineering. You will benefit from a smooth workflow - from planning and designing your products to maintaining and repairing your plant. EPLAN supports you on your way to efficiency by applying our years of experience in implementing and standardizing processes. Obvious Benefits Interdisciplinary solutions and automation to reduce your development time Clearly standardize supplier standardization, minimize coordination and improve quality Accelerate the implementation of transparent and complete engineering documents Automatically update your report to ensure completion documents Useful functions such as PDF annotations or remote monitoring make maintenance and maintenance easier and reduce downtime.