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    More and more high-quality new steel products are needed in the market. Therefore, companies need to grasp the environmental conditions, reduce downtime to the minimum and achieve high quality standards. Interaction between units, such as blast furnace, continuous caster and rolling mill, is a very complex process, and it is necessary to strengthen the cooperation among units in the overall scope. Individual customer needs often dominate business processes, which require standardization and automation; for example, data is provided by the center. In addition, fierce competition has led to huge price pressures and the need to increase productivity. EPLAN can provide the foundation for your company's success: an effective, goal-oriented, continuous process chain, and complete documentation of all devices. Modern iron and steel production requires efficient use of energy and raw materials. Equipment is composed of multiple systems and components. These components must interact smoothly to ensure efficient and competitive uninterrupted production. As a result, steelmakers and equipment engineers are facing the challenge of finding new solutions to meet market demand. The answer lies in internationalized integrated device design, high-level standardization and complete and consistent documentation.

    Suitable Partner: EPLAN Software & Services In the steel and metal industry, EPLAN Software & Service provides you and your suppliers with effective solutions. EPLAN provides a unified basis for all information and allows users to design simultaneously and effectively across all disciplines, while standardized specifications allow devices and systems to operate smoothly with each other. In addition, by using unified data, globalized projects can minimize costs and coordination time. EPLAN connects with product data management system (PDM) and business system through interface, thus providing consistent data within the company. In this way, the equipment integration engineer can ensure the continuity of the process in the whole value-added chain. Consistent standardized equipment planning Efficient and energy-saving steel production requires that the interaction between all disciplines in the equipment must be consistent. EPLAN Platform provides you with unified data and links to independent expert systems for processes including hydrodynamic, electrical, instrumentation and control engineering. Keeping consistent data at all locations, standardized specifications covering the entire life cycle, and complete documentation ensures that your PLM strategy is a continuous process chain, saving time and minimizing costs. The advantages you will gain 1. You can increase productivity by integrating multidisciplinary engineering data into EPLAN Platform 2. Centralized databases can save time and minimize errors when executing plans 3. It is possible to achieve global resource distribution through consistent data, tools and standards 4. Through transparent, complete and consistent engineering documents, debugging and equipment maintenance can be accelerated.