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    At any stage, companies in the oil and gas industry share certain common characteristics: complex processes and large amounts of data created by large, complex configurations of equipment. These procedures therefore require a large number of instruments to control and monitor the operation of the equipment. Therefore, for efficient equipment operation, it is essential to have effective engineering tools and distributed control systems with special data quality requirements and consistent data for electrical engineering. The main automation contractors of control systems are usually equipped with equipment, engineering, construction and operational services. The cooperation between MACs and EPCs systems can be further enhanced by using engineering systems to ensure that automation systems are consistent in the customer's view, which can be defined in front-end engineering design.

    Competitive Advantage Provided by EPLAN EPLAN Software & Services provides innovative and practical workflow optimization solutions for the oil and gas industry. Because project documents may need to be delivered in different languages, the differences between culture and work environment are explained - EPLAN can provide all of this from a centralized and consistent data source, providing necessary support in the form of software, training or consultation. In addition, the software is interdisciplinary - from fluid and electrical engineering to PLC programming and three-dimensional wiring harness. EPLAN provides a seamless enterprise-wide workflow through the interface to ERP and PDM systems and process automation expert systems -- while still supporting the process design of your plant management software. EPLAN can improve productivity This can be achieved by: Integrated EPLAN can be integrated with factory information management system, such as SCADA and SQL. as-built documents EPCs can obtain real-time recorded documents and infrared prompts, improve efficiency and improve feedback time. Win the Bid Our high quality and error-free design software enables project managers and CFOs to reduce project risks and obtain more competitive bidding. Save labour Engineering managers can enjoy increased speed and reduced rework by implementing EPLAN Platform. Great flexibility allows them to make immediate changes to the design even at the end of the project. In addition, using EPLAN Engineering Center allows their team to shorten the time between front-end engineering design and detailed design. Line modification. In addition, using EPLAN Engineering Center can shorten the time between FEED and detailed design for their team.