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    For manufacturers in machine tool industry, customers'demand for innovation and flexibility of machine tools is becoming more and more stringent. In addition, the increasingly stringent international law, the lack of skilled labor force and the increasingly complex equipment are all challenges facing manufacturers. What customers need is a machine with faster processing speed and higher precision. They also expect to be able to process very complex parts directly. At the same time, the structure of the equipment should be compact, the function should be flexible, and the data provided by CAx software can be directly applied. With the increasingly fierce global competition and installation pressure of equipment, machine tool manufacturers are required to upgrade productivity, standardize product series, shorten product development cycle and follow strict standards or specifications. The way to deal with these challenges is to optimize your design or engineering processes, increase collaboration with other departments, work across specialties, replace traditional processes, change the original way of work, and explore the potential for optimization.

    EPLAN: Your Best Partner EPLAN Software and Services Company adheres to the enterprise motto "EPLAN - Efficient Engineering" to provide innovative and proven solutions for process optimization in machine tool industry, covering software products, professional training and process consulting. Whether it is from mechanical engineering to fluid, electrical engineering, to PLC programming and other cross-disciplinary issues, or from order flow to manufacturing, to delivery and service integration issues, EPLAN can cope with freely. It provides a unified platform and database for all disciplines and information, ensures efficient, cross-professional and synchronous work, and seamlessly integrates with existing IT architectures (such as interfaces with ERP and PDM systems). Its purpose is to optimize the workflow of the whole enterprise. Business benefits are obvious: Less communication and coordination between business department and engineering department, saving engineering time Automated quotation system will relieve the pressure of salesmen and provide reliable cost assessment. Faster quotation, shorter product listing cycle, improve customer satisfaction Improving the quality of products and reducing the cost of repetitive work by using modules that have been proven by experience and fewer errors The reuse of defined components is conducive to standardization of product series and cost reduction.